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1. I’m writing another free ebook for my blog readers (you guys!). This next one I’ll be diving deep into how you can learn to handstand step-by-step regardless of your previous experience with inversions or yoga.🤸‍♂️

2. My master’s thesis project! The next many months I’m working on my thesis full-time. I’m synthesizing new contrast agents to be used when patients get MRI scans at the hospitals. Handing in my thesis in November 30 and then I’ll be finished with my studies (excited and nervous about that!)

3. I just started teaching 2 regular yoga classes every Tuesday morning at Yum Yoga in Copenhagen in 2020. I’m excited to get to know the students, help them grow in their practice, and explore many aspects of the yoga practice with them.🧘‍♀️

4. I’m starting weekly acroyoga classes in Copenhagen and teaching 4 workshops in Sweden in the coming months too. I’m very excited to teach more this year and I’m currently planning lots of fun content for upcoming events.


1. The Atomic Habits book by James Clear. It’s a great, in-depth book on building good habits and getting rid of bad ones. It’s helped me start two daily habits: meditation + CARs (joint circles), which I’ve been sticking to without fail (so far) since Jan 1!

2. Cold exposure! 🥶 I’ve got a few cold exposure addicted friend and they’ve taken me out for some dips in the sea, which is about 1-5° C (34-41° F) in Denmark this time of year. At the moment I only last around 10 seconds in the water, then I’m out. But I’m excited to try and build up a bit of a higher tolerance.

3. I’ve enjoyed watching Knives Out in the theater (I love a good murder mystery) and listening to this playlist by my friend Kate.

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