Akroyoga event polterabend i København

What is acro yoga?

Acro yoga is a combination of the cooperation and connection from partner acrobatics & the presence of yoga. It is a form of movement, where you develop your ability to trust other people, your own body awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance. It all takes place in a safe and fun way (smiles and laughs guaranteed!) while you get close to other people!  

What do we offer?

On this page you can read more about what you for example can book us for. We teach at bachelorettes/bachelors parties, we do acro yoga for companies and associations, private classes, public classes and workshops, and so much more. You can be inspired on this page and if you want to hear more about our prices or book us for your next event or for a private class, feel free to write me (Camilla) at northernfairytales@gmail.com.

Acro yoga for your event

Are you having a bachelorettes/bachelors party, a birthday party, a company excursion or something completely different in mind, then acro yoga can be such a fun activity to do to your event! You will have an experience you will remember! We will create a program that fits exactly your group and the theme of the day, regardless of your previous experience with yoga or other types of movement. The price will vary depending on the size of your group and transportation.

For prices contact us at northernfairytales@gmail.com.

Weekly acro yoga classes

We teach weekly acro yoga classes that run over the course of 5-6 month. You sign up for one season at a time. That way you get to know each other well in the class and the level of the class will advance as the whole group advance in their acro yoga practice.

Keep an eye out on the facebook page for upcoming free intro classes, weekly class series, and events (next class starts January 2020).

Acroyoga Teachers

A little bit about myself and my co-teachers.

Who are we?

We all met through the acroyoga community in Copenhagen at the weekly sunday acro yoga jams. In August 2019 Iris and I (Camilla) participated in a month long acro yoga and standing acrobatics teacher training with Partner Acrobatics.

Camilla underviser akroyoga i københavn til events, polterabend, workshops i yogastudier.



I am a yoga, acroyoga, and handstand teacher. I have practiced acro yoga since 2016 and regularly teach the weekly sunday classes in the association Akroyoga København and at various festivals, such as Roskilde Festival. You can find my facebook page here.


Julia acroyoga teacher



Julia is a dancer and an acroyogi. She has practised acro since 2011 and finds the fusion of dance and acroyoga fun and inspiring. She regularly teaches the weekly sunday classes in the association  Akroyoga København, and at various festivals, such as Roskilde Festival.

Iris underviser akroyoga i københavn til events, polterabend, workshops i yogastudier.



Iris is an acroyogi and an aerial enthusiast. She regularly teaches the weekly sunday classes in the association Akroyoga København and currently teaches two other weekly classes in acro yoga for beginners. You can find Iris’ facebook page here and website here.




Acroyoga Picture Gallery

Acroyoga partner exercise where the flyer is popped into the air by the acro yoga base.

Acroyoga or acro yoga classes, polterabend, events in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Acro yoga pose that requires active flexibility and passive flexibility

acro yoga reversed star

Hand to hand julia and mikkel from acroyoga

Handstand on a wooden jetty in San Marcos, Guatemala

acroyoga counterbalance with one base and two flyers. Acro yoga out on a road in the mountains with sunshine and green leaves in the background.

Acroyoga in Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. Acro yoga counterbalance, bone-stacking and mono-limb reversed star.

A handstanding girl talking about overcoming your fear of handstands in a safe way.

Acroyoga on the roof in Spain

Acro yoga shoulder stand in Spain at partner acrobatics teacher training

A no-hands acroyoga trick called a mono-limb reversed star in Spain on the road in the mountains.

Hand2hand with Emily Baxter at Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training

Julia og Camilla acroyoga

Acroyoga counterbalance with a base and fllyer in the Swedish forest in the sunshine by a lake.

bicepstand acro yoga

Standing partner acrobatics shoulderstand - a trio acro trick with two bases and one flyer